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Local & Offsite Backup

Local and offsite backup

Local and Off-site Backup

Backup is an optional task, but if you don't, your valuable data could be lost some day. A Backup is a must, if you love your data. Many people and small offices don't utilize any backup system whatsoever. This is extremely risky, since a computer's hard drive will inevitably fails. You can lost documents, photos, video memories or invoices, contracts, trade secrets and other files that are essential for doing business

Some people and small offices have a backup hard drive that periodically makes a copy of important files. While this is better than no protection at all, it's still vulnerable to events such as natural disaster, lightning strike, theft, fire, water damage/flooding.

Backup Statistics:

  • 35% of computer owners have NEVER backed up their computer
  • 51% of computer owners backup less than once a year (or never)
  • Only 2% of computer users backup their data more than once-per-day
  • Oddly, women are 33% more likely than men to have never backed up their computer
  • 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States, while 31% of all PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control (various sources).

Local Backup + Online Backup

KeepVault features real-time backup to safe and secure RAID6 online servers AND also, on Windows systems, simultaneous backup to a USB/SSD/NAS drive. KeepVault combines the speed & convenience of local protection with the disaster-proof protection and accessibility of online backup!

Real-time Protection

Many other online backups have a serious flaw; their software only backs up when it feels like it. Ask yourself this, do you know when you're going to lose data? KeepVault protects files as soon as they change, reducing the chance of data loss to a minimum.

Your Data is Secure

KeepVault online backup encrypts data files on your computer BEFORE transmission to secure Tier3+ online backup servers (located in geographically safe Michigan USA). With KeepVault backup you choose the encryption key for maximum security.

Grows with You

Other online backups charge for storage you don't need, or advertise 'unlimited' storage **but only for one computer**. With KeepVault online backup buy what you need today and upgrade as needs grow. Plus install the software on ALL your devices. KeepVault online backup is perfect for families, friends, and businesses.

KeepVault Pro & Business

  • Easy-to-use Setup Wizards
  • Continuous Protection
  • Scheduled Protection
  • High Speed Uploads (up to 2Mbit/second)
  • Ultra-High Speed Uploads (>2Mbit/second)
  • Upload Queue Manager new
  • Differential Backups for Optimum Performance new
  • File Versioning new
  • Backup to Local Drive/USB
  • Backup to Network Drive
  • Secure 128bit Encryption
  • Ultra Secure 256bit Encryption new
  • Web Access
  • Mobile Access (iOS, Android etc) new
  • Cross Device Access/Restore
  • Administrator Features
  • Create & Manage Sub User Accounts new
  • Massive 200GB Max File Size
  • Error Notifications via SMS, Email, Sys Events
  • Supports Unlimited XP, Vista, Win7 Devices
  • Supports Unlimited Windows Home Servers
  • KeepVault Connector for WHS (Mac + PC)
  • Supports Unlimited Small Business Server & Server 03/08

Client Backup

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