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Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR)

doctorsElectronicsJr is ready to help you for the transition and/or migration to Electronical Medical Record/Health Medical Record:

Before you take the decision we will recommend the reading of the following articles:

ASP, SaaS and client/server comparison from American Medical Association

Practice Fusion is a Free Certified EMR with many features and benefits, no hidden fees and really nice and fast technical support. Better than others expensive EMR!

Mitochon is the First Free, Fully Certified EHR! 

Amazing Charts Certified EMR with afordable price and easy to use, provide the full version free to use and experience for three months. Now offering a free 28-day trial of Amazing Charts in the Cloud.

Cost Effective Solution for Solo practitioner or Small Medical Practice:

Medisoft Network Professional Web Based(SAAS) Practice Management for $150.00/ month & Practice Fusion Free EMR

This option offers the Medisoft Network Professional Last Version, Office Hours Network Professional, Electronic Claims module for any clearinghouse, Electronic Posting module for remittances, and unlimited support, and all future upgrades are included. There is a one time setup fee of $250, and a fixed monthly rate of $150 for one user. You can have access to your data from any computer, anywhere that has internet access. If you need more than one user simultaneous connection contact us for price on second user will be as low as $95.

After your decision for the adecuate EMR and Practice Management that fit with your practice workflow and budget. We do an inventory of all your existing hardware and software to know if these meet the specification/requirements for the EMR selected.


  • Desktop Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs, Work Station or Server
  • Document & Card Scanners, Printers, Multifunction, Fax or Fax Server
  • Internet Connection, Router & Firewall Appliance, Switch
  • Local Area Network Speed, Bandwith and Throughput of a network, Wiring
  • Wireless networking equipment
  • NAS, External Disk Drive or other Backup device
  • UPS for Computer, Work Station, Server, Networking Devices and other devices
  • Local & Offsite Backup (Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Windows Migration and or upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Server Migration (if required)
  • Files & Data Migration to New Computers or Server(if required)
  • New Computer and Equipment procurement as needed
  • Microsoft Office, Adobe Proffessional and others softwares
  • Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware Software
  • Procedure, Diagnosis & HCPCS codes
  • Drug Interaction Database (with or without dosing)
  • Code scrubbing software
  • Dragon Software

  • Other Hardware, Interface & Software used in your practice

Implementation & Installation:

  • Computers & Data Backup
  • Internet Installation from other ISP and/or dual WAN if Internet Fail-over (if required)
  • Wiring and wireless corrections as needed
  • Network and electrical wiring installation (if required)
  • Wired & wireless networking equipment installation (if required)
  • Windows Migration and or upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Server Migration (if required)
  • New Desktop Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, Tables PCs, Work Station or Server Installation
  • Files & Data Migration to New Computers or Server (if required)
  • Scanners, Printers, Multifunction, Fax or Fax Server Installation
  • Standard Software instalation and updates, others specific software
  • Configure outbound and inbound fax services

  • Configure VPN and / or RDP for remote access

  • Support services for EMR/PM server software (if required)

  • Set up and configure server and database backup

  • Lab interfaces Installation (may be offered free, but lab may charge for the same)

  • Any device interfaces Installation (as required)

  • Data Conversion, Demographics and other data (if required)

  • Data & Demographics Export to New EMR/ EHR or Practice Management
  • Electronic Remittance Set up

  • Installation of other Hardware, Interface & Software used in your practice

Maintenance & Computer Services

ElectronicsJR can help you to maintain the new EMR/PM software, and hardware working on optimized performance.

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